Media literacy

In September 2020, Bilim Barine Foundation started Media Literacy
project initiated and funded by RELO for Central Asia. Bilim Barine
Foundation trainers designed Media Literacy course. The topics covered in
the course range from advertising to diversity and types of bias in the media.
The trainers used Central Asian context and authentic materials to make the
course more relevant and engaging for learners. Two course variations with
‘soft’ and ‘hard’ CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)
approaches were developed to accommodate project participants with STEM
and humanities backgrounds.
Four cohorts of over 500 secondary school and university English
teachers from all over Kazakhstan have taken the 8-week long blended
course. Project participants were selected through a competitive application
process and grouped into six groups. The groups were diverse with teachers
from different cities and professional backgrounds grouped together. Project
facilitators met with the groups twice a week via Zoom to guide them
through the Media Literacy course while participants studied University of
Pennsylvania’s “English for Media Literacy” MOOC on Coursera or the Canvas
Network platforms on their own.
Universities across the country have implemented the Media Literacy
course designed by Bilim Barine Foundation for this project. Project
participants have developed their own lesson plans to incorporate the media
literacy content into their teaching.